About Us

‘Your Santa Movie’ is an interactive personalized adventure for children of all ages...so why is this video different from all the other Santa videos...simple:

  1. Most importantly, Santa Claus addresses your child personally by their own name...say you have a child named Ethan, then Santa will address Ethan by his name throughout the video, here is an example (show clip)
  2. ‘Your Santa Movie’ is filled with many sing-a-long tunes that are sung by Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and Henry the Elf with annotations so that children can follow along with the songs.
  3. We also have several stories, read by Santa Claus. These stories also contain annotations so the children can learn the words and read along with Santa. The stories are illustrated by famous children's illustrator and artist Lesley Grainger and animated by the ‘Your Santa Movie’ production team.
  4. The video also features the wonderful Mrs. Claus as she helps Santa sing songs and bake cookies
  5. Along for the ride is Henry the Elf, Santa's #1 helper and chief present wrapper, who ignites the adventure with his songs, dancing, craft making and most importantly, his jokes!

The video is good clean fun for all the family.